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    Rent a Car

    We have cars for rental, short and long term.

    We only use vehicles of recent models.

    Our service includes:

    • Insurance coverage.
    • Services of towing your vehicle, gas refill, change of tires in case of puncture.
    • Vehicle is delivered in the place that the client requires.

    Contact us at rentacar@yucatanyes.com or call us +52 (999) 927 24 37.

    Yucatan Expatriate Services (aka YES) has long made it their sole purpose to meet as many needs of their clients as possible. It has currently come to their attention that there is a shortage of trustworthy rental car services in and around Mérida and Progreso. This is something that they could easily change. YES has now launched its own rental car service. Vehicles of several sizes will be available by the day, week, or month. Fees will be modest and service will be excellent.

    How many times have we heard that there is no reason to have a car in Yucatan because of the wonderful public transportation system, as well as the excellent taxi service? Yes but – what does one do when a big grocery shopping trip is needed? How difficult is it to ride a bus with bags upon bags of groceries? Or, how difficult is it to get to a doctor’s office when taxi service has been interrupted on the day of a necessary doctor’s appointment? Whether you need a car for a day, a week or a month, there are some times that having a vehicle at your disposal can really make a difference in the quality of one’s daily life. Many expats and Snowbirds choose quiet village life over the hustle and bustle of city living, but that doesn’t always work out when a long awaited symphony performance in the city ends after the last bus or taxi runs to their village at night. Wouldn’t it be wonderful just to have a car sometimes? Of course it would, and YES had exactly that in mind when designing a car rental program that is flexible for everyone.

    Tourists have different needs. They often have maps to where they want to go, but seldom speak enough Spanish to ask complete questions of their bus or taxi driver, or to tell them where they want to go or how long they want to stay. Life is so much simpler when one can just turn on the GPS, or look at a map, and head out on one’s own to see the sights of Yucatan first hand. Thankfully, Yucatan is a state in which it is safe to do that and a quick call to YES will bring roadside assistance if necessary.

    Thinking of moving to Yucatan? Come on down. Rent a car for a month. Find out for yourself if you can get around on your own. Practice going to the grocery store, to the beach, to nearby fairs and festivals. Shop and sightsee on your own time, rather than having to wait for someone to show you around. You will be amazed at how easy it is to live either in Merida or at the beach. The best part of this is that, again, you are not alone. You have everyone at YES’s new Rental Car Service ready to help in case you need roadside assistance.

    Yucatan Expatriate Services would like to thank all of our clients for trusting us with their needs, as foreigners in Mexico; and want to issue each and every one of our clients and readers a personal invitation to let us serve you whenever you are in need of a rental vehicle.