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    New Immigration Fees for 2021

    The Mexican Immigration Institute presented their new fees for 2021; these are valid starting January 1st, 2021:

    • Temporary Resident Card
      • One year $4,413 pesos
      • Two years $6,613 pesos
      • Three years $8,376 pesos
      • Four years $9,927 pesos
    • Permanent Resident Card $5,379 pesos

    In case the card is stolen or gets lost the cost to get a new one is $1,410 pesos, for any type of card, it does not vary if it is temporary or permanent.

    • Paperwork review/regularization $1,410 pesos – This amount is paid when the applicant is requesting a change of resident status or if the card is expired when the renewal process begins.
    • Exit permit $451 pesos – This amount is paid when the applicant is requesting a permit to leave the country while his application is still in process. 
    • Work permit $3,314 pesos – This amount is paid when a temporary resident or a temporary resident for study purposes wants to engage in lucrative activities.

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    How I Obtained a Permanent Resident Card

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    1. CC
      January 19, 2017

      Where do we go online to fill out paperwork for the last step in mexico for the temporary residency? If we pay for 4 years we do not need to renew each year and at the end of 4years you are a permanent resident?
      Thank you again for your advice!

    2. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      January 27, 2017

      CC, here: https://www.inm.gob.mx/tramites/publico/estancia.html

      You cannot apply for 4 years; only for 1 and then for 3. After 4 complete years, you pay to become a Permanent Resident.

    3. Lannie Loeks
      April 4, 2017

      What are the financial requirements for a spouse?
      Do adult children apply separately when moving with parents?

    4. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      April 5, 2017

      Lannie, if the spouse applies in Mexico, there are no financial requirements. Children can apply as economic dependents as long as they are younger than 18 years old.

    5. Michael
      April 7, 2017

      We are planning a move to Merida.
      With investments of $1Million and Social Security of $3790 per month, do my wife and I qualify for Permanent Residency?
      Also, with Permanent I don’t think I can import a car permanently?

    6. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      April 10, 2017

      Michael, if both of you are retired, and if the 1 million investments are in both of your names over the past 12 months, yes you qualify for permanent residency. You can’t import a foreign plated car if you are permanent residents.

    7. Walt Fisier
      May 4, 2017

      Does a work permiso have to be renewed annually? My wife and I surrendered our Residente Temporal to IMM for processing of the work permit. We have 2 years remaining on the Temporal. Will the work permit be issued to the remaining 2 years that we have on our residency cards? No one at IMM is able to answer that question. Their reply is that you will find out when you get the new cards.

    8. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      May 4, 2017

      Walt, if you have 2 years of temporary residency left, you will receive the work permits for that amount of time, unless the job offer you have is for one year only.

    9. Bob
      June 27, 2017

      Hi, Thanks for the great article! My wife and I nearing the end of our 1st year on a Temporal. I retired last August. Is it possible to go to Permanente after 1 year on Temporal, or do we have to do the 3-year Temporal renewal before applying for Permanente?

      Thanks in advance

    10. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      June 28, 2017

      Bob, you’re welcome! We’re glad you found it useful. Answering your question: yes, you can go for Permanent even if you have not reached 4 years of temporary, but you will need to prove that you are retired and you will need to show financial information pertaining permanent residency.

    11. July 22, 2017

      Thanks all the great information – most helpful! When requesting an appointment at an INM office for the canje process, do I have to do that in person or can it requested online like the Mexican Consulates do in the US?

    12. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      July 24, 2017

      Greg, you’re welcome! We´re happy you’ve found useful information on our site. To start the canje process you don’t need to request an appointment, you just show up at the INM office with your documents. When it is time to have your appointment for fingerprints, you will need to go in person to the INM office to request it, there’s no online option.

    13. Deborah White
      July 25, 2017

      Hi, I’ve got a couple of questions. I’m planning a move to Progreso in a couple of months and I’m applying for a permanent residency VISA. (FM3?)

      1. I’ve 3 cats and a dog that I’m planning on bringing in the country by RV. I understand the health certificate, parasite requirements, and vaccination requirements. How much will it cost me to bring more than 2 pets?

      2. I’m taking an early retirement and I can satisfy the income requirements with over $100K in investments but I’m interested in doing some part-time online work to keep myself busy and fulfilled. What do I need to do to be allowed to do telecommuting work? And is there an additional cost for that if allowed to do so?

    14. Deborah White
      July 26, 2017

      Oh, one more thing…how do I bring my fully paid for RV to Mexico and get it licensed there?

    15. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      July 26, 2017

      Deborah, FM3 is now known as temporary residency; the former inmigrado is now known as permanent residency. Answering your questions:

      1. Please provide the border through which you will cross so that we can verify the amount.
      2. If you get permanent residency, you’ll be authorized to work in Mexico. Also, if you’ll be working online and not getting income in Mexico, you would not need a work permit.

    16. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      July 26, 2017

      Deborah, you’d need to check the requirements with a customs bróker who you would also need to hire to do the permanent import. You can choose one from the list in this link, which is from the Latin American Association of Custom Brokers: http://www.claa.org.mx/nuestros-socios.html

    17. SPS
      July 28, 2017

      Firstly I’d like to thank you for suggesting the consulate in San Antonio as an option when applying for a visa. We found them most helpful and the whole process went very smoothly.
      Can you give me some advice about banks? I just read that I can have a bank account as a TR. Any suggestions for a good one? Thanks again for all your help.

    18. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      July 31, 2017

      SPS, you’re welcome! We are glad you had a good experience with the Consulate in San Antonio. About banking, we have worked very well with Bancomer, Banamex and HSBC.

    19. RDB
      September 26, 2017

      A quick question on the renewal of a Temporary Resident Card. When filling out the GOB.mx online form, my Google Translate is having a bit of difficulty helping me select the proper option.

      Under “extend my stay’ there are two options listed:
      Expedicion de tarjeta de residente por renovacion
      Expedicion de tarjeta de visitante por ampliacion

      Which would be the proper option for a renewing a temp resident visa that hasn’t expired? Thanks for the help.

    20. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      September 26, 2017

      RDB, it would be the first one: “tarjeta de residente por renovación”. The 2nd choice is for the visitors, not for the residents.

    21. Tonda Trent
      October 23, 2017

      To obtain a permanent or temporal resident card, do we have to show proof of residence in Mexico at the INM office, such as electric bill or telephone bill?
      We have completed the first part of the application in the US. Now I have been told we need the proof of residency, which we do not have yet.

    22. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      October 24, 2017

      Tonda, you will need to supply an address in Mexico to fill out the forms to present at the Immigration office, but you won’t need to show a utility bill. If you need assistance with your canjes, send us an e-mail to info@yucatanyes.com, we’ll be happy to help you!

    23. Denise
      November 8, 2017

      Do you have to renew a permenant resident card yearly or at the end of four years?
      Do you have to give up U. S. citizenship at the end of four years or can you wait?


    24. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      November 8, 2017

      Denise, permanent resident cards do not get renewed, unless you are under 18 years old. You don’t have to give up U.S. citizenship, permanent residents are not Mexican citizens.

    25. Creagh Day
      February 24, 2018

      Do you know what are the paperwork requirements for 2018 to become a Mexican citizen after completing 4 years of residencia permanente? My birth name does not match my passport, residencia permanente or social security cards. They all have my married name (40 years). Do I have to change these cards back my original birth name? Are the rules the same for all states in MX? I am from the USA and live in BCS. I m 67 years old. I can read & write Spanish but cannot sing the National Anthem. Help please. Thanks Creagh

    26. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      February 26, 2018

      Creagh, you need 5 full years with either temporary or permanent residency. Your names must match, from your birth certificate, your Passport and resident card. This is a must.

    27. Gilbert
      March 10, 2018

      in May 2018, I will be submitting my application in Progreso for Temporal. Do you know the typical wait time from submitting application to fingerprinting? And then wait time from fingerprinting to finish? Much Thanks

    28. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      March 13, 2018

      Gilbert, if it is a “canje” procedure, an estimate is 2-3 weeks from submitting application to fingerprints and then 1-2 weeks from fingerprints to getting the card.

    29. tony murphy
      March 21, 2018

      What information will I need to bring to the INM when renewing my residente temporal after one year?
      On my online application that I bring with me do I insert ” Canje DE FMM POR TARJETA DE VISITANTE O DE RESIDENTE” ?
      Thanks in advance!

    30. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      March 22, 2018

      Tony, you will need to present the online form (extensión de residencia temporal), letter in Spanish requesting the renewal, original and copy of your passport, original temporary resident card, basic form (formato básico) and the payment of fees for the renewal.

    31. Elizabeth
      March 24, 2018

      After getting an application approved in Houston for a permanent resident, then going to the Mexican INM office in Cancun and submitting the documents, can one leave the country while waiting for an appointment to be fingerprinted?

    32. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      April 3, 2018

      Elizabeth, yes you can leave the country but only with an exit permit that you need to request to the INM office.

    33. Penny k owles
      April 8, 2018

      We are thinking of applying for permanent residence. Our daughter is a student, still living and travelling with us. She is 24. We are retired. Does she have to apply separately or can we apply as a family. We own property in mexico and what is the amount that qualifies for property?

    34. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      April 9, 2018

      Penny, she will have to apply on her own as she is not under age.

      Owning Real Estate in Mexico works if you were applying for temporary residency, not for permanent. If you wish to apply for temporary through the Real Estate option, it must be worth at least 190,000 USD.

    35. Cari Leclair
      April 19, 2018

      Can you tell me how much it costs to apply for permanent residency directly without ever doing the temporal? There are costs posted above but I was under the impression it was close to $1000 cad or more?

    36. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      April 20, 2018

      Cari, it costs 1,266 pesos for the change of status from tourist to permanent resident and 4,828 pesos for the cost of the card. In total it is 6,094 pesos.

    37. Laurel Wentz
      August 12, 2018

      Is it possible to start with residencia temporal, and then apply for residencia permanente after the first year? Or are you locked into four years of residencia temporal before being eligible for residencia permanente? (As a retiree, I could apply for either, but was going to start with temporal because it seems to make a few things, like sending a household shipment, somewhat easier). Thank you!

    38. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      August 13, 2018

      Laurel, yes it is posible, but you will need to prove you are retired and you will need to show financial information pertaning permanent residency; the bank account statements will have to be translated to Spanish by a certified translator.

      September 29, 2018

      Maria September 29, 2018

      My husband and I seniors are both retied with citizenship of Canada. Where can we apply for
      Permanent Resident Card for the first time. We do have enough qualified for 12 months bank account statement and any other documents required? What do we have to do first, and can we apply in Canada for the Permanent Resident Card? Thank you in an advance.

    40. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      October 1, 2018

      Maria, you have to apply at a Mexican Consulate abroad, so yes, you can apply in Canada. When you contact the Mexican Consulate for an appointment, you can also ask them about their specific requirements. After you get the visa, you will have 180 days to come to Mexico to do the 2nd part of the process, through which you will receive your resident card.

    41. Jackie
      December 14, 2018


      When I renew my temporary residency after the year will I have to show again proof of earnings? I have heard that some have done this but it’s not stated in the requirements.

    42. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      December 14, 2018

      Jackie, as you say, it is not stated in the requirements in the Immigration Law but recently we heard of a case at the Immigration office in San Luis Potosí, where they requested financial information for the renewal process.

    43. Nigel
      January 22, 2019

      I’m near the end of my first year as a temporary resident. I’m thinking of extending for 3 years and then applying for permanent residency. During the next 3 years, am I required to spend a certain number of months in Mexico each year?
      Thanks in advance. : )

    44. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      January 24, 2019

      Nigel, no, there’s no established amount of days you must spend in Mexico during those 3 years in order to get permanent residency.

    45. Tracey
      January 27, 2019

      Hi – My first year residente temporal is expiring March 17, 2019. I would like to begin the renewal process now, but what I’m reading online it seems as though I can not start earlier than 30 days (February 17th) – is this correct? Thank you for your help.

    46. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      January 28, 2019

      Tracey, yes that is correct, you cannot start the renewal process earlier than 30 days before the expiration date.

    47. Nigel
      January 29, 2019

      Thanks for your reply! I appreciate your help. : )

    48. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      January 29, 2019

      Nigel, you’re welcome!

    49. Nigel
      January 30, 2019

      If I’m on a temporary resident permit and I’m out of the country for several months, do I need to inform IMS? I know they ask that temporary residents update them if they change addresses. Thanks for your help. : )

    50. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      January 31, 2019

      Nigel, you will need to notify them when you change your address in Mexico.

    51. January 31, 2019

      We American retiree couple just bought a house in Ajijic Mexico. We got the 4 year temp approved at the Mexican Consulate. What is the procedure to get electric service in our name if we’re not yet permanent expat approved?
      What tv cable company do you recommend? I heard it’s a Canadian satellite company.

    52. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      February 1, 2019

      Phyllis, you just approach the electricity company (CFE) in Ajijic, it won’t affect that you don’t have your permanent resident card yet. Just take the deed of your house, which should show your name, your passport and tourist visa (original and copies).

      Regarding tv cable company, we don’t know, since we are not in Ajijic, we are in Merida, Yucatán.

    53. Nigel
      February 1, 2019

      Thanks for your reply. I will stop renting my current apartment in Mexico and spend about 6 months in Canada. In this case, do I need to inform Immigration? Or would I inform them of my new address once I return to Mexico?

    54. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      February 5, 2019

      You’re welcome Nigel. You will have to inform them once you have your new address in Mexico, within the next 90 days.

    55. Jackie
      February 6, 2019

      Hello again,
      I put in my application at immigration here in Playa del Carmen to receive my temp resident card the 15/12/2018 and it still says “sin resolucion” when I check the status. The immigration officer did say that it would take up to 2 months I just wanted to confirm that this time frame is correct. I know that for some of my friends the waiting period wasn’t so long.

      Thanks so much for your patience!

    56. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      February 6, 2019

      Jackie, yes, it could take 2 months, timing depends on how busy the Immigration office is and typically from December to March, it is busy.

    57. Nigel
      February 6, 2019

      Thanks, good to know. : )

    58. February 17, 2019

      My husband has permanent residency and I have had temporary residency for 1 year. If I renew my residency can I apply for permanent residency under my husband. Thank you

    59. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      February 18, 2019

      Nita, if you apply through family unit because your husband is permanent, you will get 2 years of temporary residency and then you can request permanent residency; you can’t get it right away.

    60. Amanda Blagrove
      February 26, 2019

      Good afternoon. I am trying to understand the economic solvency portion of the Temporary Resident Visa. I understand that we have to have either a certain amount of income per month OR a set amount of $20200 USD in savings for the past 12 months. Is that correct? How much is it for one person, + spouse, + 2 dependents? If we want to apply for the second year do we still have to have that amount of money again or is it just a matter of renewal?
      If I work online for a NZ company, do I need a different type of visa? Thank you so much.

    61. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      February 27, 2019

      Amanda, yes it is correct. But the savings amount increased a bit in 2019 due to the increase in the mínimum wage in Mexico, now it is around 27,000 USD. This amount is per person and per each economic dependent, you should add 500 USD.

      In the second year, when you renew, technically you would not need to show the same amount, but lately we have heard of 2 Immigration offices in Mexico where they have requested it.

      If you work online for a company abroad and you get paid abroad, you don’t need a different type of visa.

    62. Susan Dubinsky
      March 6, 2019

      My husband, who is about to have surgery, and I just realized our temporary residency cards expire in 9 days. We are in the US and can’t go to Mexico before his surgery. Can we renew at our US Consulate that is near us? If not, is there a way to just pay a fine and renew when we return to Mexico in 2 months? Or do we have to start the process all over? Thanks for any help!

    63. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      March 7, 2019

      Susan, you can’t renew your status at a Mexican Consulate abroad, you must do so in Mexico. However, If you are renewing temporary residency status and not changing to permanet yet, you have a 55 day grace period to come to Mexico and start the process (once you arrive in Mexico, you’ll have only 5 days to approach the Immigration office).

    64. Susan Dubinsky
      March 8, 2019

      Thank you thank you thank you. I can now finally get some sleep. I was so worried. I appreciate your service to us expats. You are wonderful people!

    65. Linda Brestar
      March 11, 2019


      We applied for our temporary residence cards 3 years ago. We missed the renewal on the 2nd year due to my surgery in America. When we got here we realized that the date on the card was for one month earlier then when we actually received the first card. Because our attorney didn’t respond immediately when we arrived we missed the 5 day window. Did we need to start all over or could we just have paid a fine.

    66. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      March 11, 2019

      You’re welcome Susan!

    67. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      March 11, 2019

      Linda, you needed to start all over.

    68. Caroline
      March 22, 2019

      Trying to find out if the fee of $1325 for paperwork review at start of transition to Permanent status is in addition to, or part of the fee quoted at $5056. Thanks for info!

    69. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      March 23, 2019

      Caroline, the 1325 pesos fee is additional to the 5056 pesos.

    70. Camille
      March 24, 2019

      I am planning my move for next year and will apply for a temp residency. Denver has the closest consulate but the reviews are bad and I can’t find any info on their site. Any recommendations? Also I found a pdf that has financial requirements that are higher from a general mexican consulate site $103,616 or $2072/month. Can you clarify?

    71. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      March 25, 2019

      Camille, here’s the link to the requirements to apply for temporary residency at the Consulate in Denver: https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/denver/index.php/non-mexicans/visas

    72. Mary
      March 26, 2019

      I had a slow time and difficult in the Atlanta office for visa. Someone said in Las Vegas they walked in one day and left with thier Visa card..
      Should I spend the money and go to Las Vegas?
      My temp card is expired and I want a permanent visa. I only frent but have adaquate funds in bank. I want to have a Airbnb rental on my property and funds will be paid directly yo my us bank account.
      Veags or my local sliw Atlanta office?
      And can I be “retired” in Us but make money with Aurbnb exoerience?
      Thank you!

    73. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      March 26, 2019

      Mary, we’ve heard too that the Mexican Consulate in Las Vegas is very friendly and easy to deal with.

    74. Alice West
      March 27, 2019

      Thanks for very good information. I want toy comment on how long it took Playa del Carmen to complete the Temporary Residency for me. I visited the US Consulate in Dallas Texas July 2018 to start the residency process. It took me 2 weeks to get the appointment for the Dallas Consulate. This has to be done via email. As a result of the lengthy time I had to spend three weeks extra in Dallas that I had not planned on. It would have been best to get the appointment before arriving in the city/country as it became quite expensive for my additional, not planned for accommodations. The process was smooth at Consulate. From time I started contacting them untill I picked up my Visa Approval it took four weeks. I made my first visit to INM in Playa del Carmen in September 2018. I had all needed paperwork. It was not until January 2019 that I was approved and could then go to INM to make appointment for fingerprints. When I returned for fingerprinting I submitted the last needed paperwork. Then it was 14 days before I could pick up the Temproal Residente card. I went to pick it up at designated time but their card machine broke down so I had to return a week later. So it took six (6) months! Slow, I know, but I’ve been told they are slow in Playa del Carmen. As indicated by many online articles, INM, will send you an email when it is time to return there to make appointment for fingerprints to complete process. I never received any emails. I found out about the approval by visiting the INM website and then going down to INM, in person. All in all the process was smooth and I’m so glad to finally have legal residency. For one of my visits I did have a Spanish speaking friend. It helped considerably. All other visits I managed to use Google Translate. There are few English speakers there but they are very patient and there is usually a “customer” who will help you a bit if you ask for help.

    75. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      March 27, 2019

      Alice, thank you for sharing your experience with us!!

    76. Holly Elizabeth
      March 28, 2019

      If you get a work permit and a temporary residency for a year, can you leave the job that hired you to begin with and find work at a different place, and renew your temporary residency with the new job?

    77. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      March 29, 2019

      Holly, yes, as long as you notify the Immigration offices within the 90 days after you change job. If you don’t notify and it comes the time to renew your residency, you won’t be able to renew it becasue in their system it appears that your employer is other tan the current one. Also, it is very important that your new employer has the “Constancia de Inscripción de Empleador” which enables him to hire non-Mexican employees.

    78. Jacqueline Sarpong
      April 1, 2019


      Firstly I definitely have to agree with Alice on the lengthy process here in PDC! Thank you though for stating that it’s smooth because that also is true.
      I would also like information regarding what types of local ID I can obtain to prove that I am a resident here in Quintana Roo. I will hopefully very shortly obtain my temp resident card and I wanted to obtain some type of local ID. I know that a driving license is one but I don’t currently have a car. I would really appreciate your advice on this.
      Thanks so much

    79. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      April 1, 2019

      Jacqueline, our apologies but since we are in Yucatán and not in Quintana Roo, we are unfamiliar with the ID’s you can get there. We Will post your comment in case any of our readers can help you with your question!

    80. Linda Zaworski
      April 13, 2019

      I am in my second year of RT status and have been offered an opportunity to be a distributor for products produced by a Mexican company. I can’t find any information on applying for permission to work for someone who already has residency. I would be an independent distributor – able to establish my own prices, promotions, etc. What would be the procedure?

    81. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      April 13, 2019

      Linda, if you are located in Yucatán, please write us here to set up an appointment: info@yucatanyes.com, it Will be clearer to explain this in person than in written.

    82. Angie
      April 22, 2019

      Hello. My partner and I both have TR. We just got married last week in NY and know that we’ll need to update immigration with our ‘cambio de estado civil’. I can see from the website that they’ll want to see our marriage certificate, but do you know if they’ll need us to have it translated into Spanish? Many thanks, for this and all your help here. It’s super useful :o)

    83. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      April 23, 2019

      Angie, yes, you will need apostille and translation of your marriage certificate.

    84. Mary Torti
      May 15, 2019

      Very helpful information . Just wondering if someone with temporary visa can open a small business in Mexico and if yes what do I need to do. Secondly, how long doesn’t it take to process the permanent residency once your temporary statue expires. Thanks

    85. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      May 16, 2019

      Mary, yes, but you must request a work permit to the Immigration office. Answering your second question: before your 4th year with temporary residency expires, you apply for permanent residency; the process takes 6-8 weeks approximately.

    86. Vicki LaDu
      May 21, 2019

      My friend and I are applying for TR cards for the first time at the Laredo TX consulate. We will be driving our car across the border and was wondering if we still need to pay the TIP. If so, do we ever get that money back since we plan on renewing our TR for the 4 years.

    87. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      May 21, 2019

      Vicki, yes, you need the TIP to import your car temporarily into Mexico. You will get your deposit back when you return your car to the border and cancel your TIP, before it is expired.

    88. Alan Green
      May 24, 2019

      Buen día a ustedes. I am a perm res and am currently in the US visiting. Due to unusual circumstances, I failed to get my exit permit from INM at CDMX airport when I departed México. The gate agent did have me fill out a form before boarding, which they indicated they would file. Obviously, I need to return home to MX in the next few months. What is the consequence for failing to get my permit AND….what now? I am now near a Mexican consulate if that is helpful. Muchísimas gracias por su ayuda!

    89. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      May 27, 2019

      Alan, are you in the process of getting your permanent residency card? Becasue if you already had it, you would not need the exit permit.

    90. Nancy Rigg
      June 22, 2019

      Our 4 years of temporary residents is about to expire and we would like to apply for permanent status. Can you please tell us what we need to take to INM? Do we need to take financial statements again?

    91. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      June 24, 2019

      Nancy, you need to take: online form, letter in Spanish, resident card, passport and payment of fees. You don’t need to take financial statements again.

    92. Nancy Rigg
      July 7, 2019

      Thanks, do we need to make the payment before we go to INM? If yes, where at any bank?

    93. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      July 8, 2019

      Nancy, you need to make the payment for the change of status from temporary to permanent, which is 1,325 pesos, before you submit the application at INM. Yes, at any bank, with the corresponding e5 form, which you can download here: https://www.inm.gob.mx/gobmx/derechos/

    94. Joan Doreen Roderick
      July 21, 2019

      My husband is retired and gets $1000.00 per month in Social Security. I am still working and won’t retire until December. Can I show my monthly income for the last 12 months that I have been working or do they want to see retirement income only? Thank you! We purchased a house in Baja and have a 20 year lease.

    95. Nancy Rigg
      July 22, 2019

      Thanks, do you know how long the current processing time is at the Merida office?

    96. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      July 23, 2019

      Joan, you can apply for temporary residency and show the income from your work. Retirement income is for permanent residency.

    97. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      July 23, 2019

      Nancy, about 3 months.

    98. Mair
      July 26, 2019

      Hello. I am current a tourist in Mexico. I want to apply for Temporary Residency. I will use my usa retirement investment statement. I can not go back to the USA right now because we are going to Jamaica for work. I want to apply for the TR visa in Jamaica. My investment company has agreed to provide statement that I can download from the portal. Do I need to apostille and notarize them? If yes, does that need to be done in usa or can i get that done here in Mexico before we leave. I do not want to get to Jamaica Mexico Consulado and have problems. Thanks for the work you do.

    99. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      July 26, 2019

      Mair, I’d suggest you to contact the Mexican Consulate in Jamaica to know if they need apostilled documents: https://embamex.sre.gob.mx/jamaica/index.php/es/

      If they do, the apostilles have to be issued by the American Government, not the Mexican one, becasue your documents are from the US not Mexico.

    100. Sandra
      August 23, 2019

      I’m applying for Temporary Mexican Residency. However, my husband will be travelling with me to Mexico on a Visitor pass. Once my Temporary Mexican Residency Visa is approved in Mexico, can my husband then apply from inside Mexico to INM, in order to change from a Visitor to Temporary Resident through the “family bond” aka Vinculo Familiar process?
      If so, is there an economic threshold he must prove through his own bank statements? He won’t be retiring for several more years and until then he will be my dependent in Mexico.

    101. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      August 26, 2019

      Sandra, yes, once you get your resident card, your husband can apply from inside Mexico for temporary residency through family union. He would not have to provide financial information, just your marriage certificate with apostille and both documents translated to Spanish (along with Passport, FMM and other forms).

    102. Fiona Provan
      October 28, 2019

      My daughters TR card will expire 10days before she returns to Mexico. I have read that she will have 5 days to present herself at the immigration office. Is that enough time to get the renewal done? Would she have to leave Mexico if she doesn’t get her renewal in 5 days? Thanks in advance .

    103. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      October 29, 2019

      Fiona, if it’s a temporary residency renewal, she has 55 days to come to Mexico after the expiration date of her card and once in Mexico she will have 5 days to approach the Immigration office to start her renewal process.

    104. Fiona Provan
      October 29, 2019

      Thank you for your quick response. Will immigration officers at the Airport allow her entry with out any problem with her expired temporary residence card? Thanks in advance .

    105. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      October 30, 2019

      Fiona, you’re welcome. The Immigration officers should know; if they don’t, have her explain that she has a 55 day grace period to come to Mexico and renew temporary residecy when the temporary resident card expires abroad.

    106. Sara V
      January 6, 2020

      Thank you for the updated 2020 pricing! I was wondering if a Permanent Resident status allows you to work as well or does one need to apply for a work permit same as Temporary Resident?

    107. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      January 7, 2020

      Sara, you’re welcome! Permanent residents are authorized to work, you don’t need to apply for a work permit as temporary residents do.

    108. January 31, 2020

      My husband and I have lived in Playa del Carmen for 3 months on a tourist visa (from U.S.). We also brought brought our 15 year old rescue dog with us. We are flying to Miami in April for hopefully a permanent resident card (this will be before our tourist card expires). We do not want to subject our elderly pooch to another plane ride. If our tourist visa has not expired we will not be subjected to the 3-day rule before returning to Mexico, right? And our pooch can stay here while we are gone, right?

    109. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      January 31, 2020

      Karen, we are not familiar regarding the “3 day rule”, but your dog can stay here while you are gone.

    110. KS
      February 6, 2020

      Hello, Appreciate your help to the foreign community in Mexico. I am currently living in Mexico on dependent visa. I am a dentist and completed my studies in India. All my study certificates are apostilled. What is the procedure to obtain permit to practice in Mexico or work in a private clinic or hospital?

    111. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      February 10, 2020

      KS, you will need to get a work permit from the Immigration office and a Mexican tax ID in order to be able to work legally in Mexico. You can show your study certificates with apostilles and translation to Spanish by certified translators to the Immigration office in order to obtain the work permit.

    112. D.Chesla
      February 21, 2020

      What are the current income requirements for a temporary visa ? Monthly or annual income ? I get conflicted answers from various consulates. I live in Minnesota.
      Thank You !

    113. Brigitte
      February 24, 2020


      I am French and I am planning to move to Mexico with my 2 children age 15 and 8 years old.
      I will ask for a temporary visa and I would like to know first of al,how much do I need in my bank account to be sure that you will accept my visa?
      And also,do I need to ask a visa for my children aswell?
      I hope you will be able to help me out because I’ve been looking for an exact answer on line but can’t seems to find anything sure.

      Thank you

    114. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      February 24, 2020

      D.Chesla, the Immigration Law states the following:

      – Original and copy of statements as proof of investments or statements of bank accounts with a monthly average balance equivalent to five thousand days of general minimum wage in Mexico; in 2020 the mínimum wage is 123.22 MXP, so the Immigration Law is asking for approximately $32,500.00 USD for the past twelve months (considering a rate of exchange of 19 pesos per US dollar).


      – Original and copy of bank statements with a monthly income or pension (free of liens) greater than the equivalent of three hundred days of general minimum wage in Mexico; in 2020 the mínimum wage is 123.22 MXP, so the Immigration Law is asking for approximately $1,950.00 USD for the past six months (considering a rate of exchange of 19 pesos per US dollar).

    115. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      February 24, 2020

      Brigitte, the minimum savings requirement to apply for temporary residency is 32,500 USD monthly for the past 12 months. Once you get the resident card in Mexico, you can request temporary residency for your children within Mexico, withouth having to show additional financial information, just based on the “family unit” criteria (you Will have to provide originals of their birth certificates with apostille and translation to Spanish of both documents).

    116. Luke
      March 5, 2020

      Hi, I married a Mexican Citizen and received my Resident Temporal for 2 years. It expires 21st June 2020. Do you know the earliest I can begin the process to change it for a Permanent?

      I am planning in travelling overseas in June so ideally I would want to get my permanent before I travel.

    117. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      March 6, 2020

      Luke, the ealiest is 30 days before it expires: May 22 2020.

    118. Wayne
      March 25, 2020

      Hi there, both of sons received “residente permanente” along with us. But since they are both younger than three years, I need to renew their cards before they expire in one year. I assume the purpose of short validation is only to keep their photos up to date.
      My question is, when it comes to renewal, do I need to do the whole package again including the online form, basic form and the request letter? Do I pay the full 5206 pesos application fee again?

    119. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      March 25, 2020

      Wayne, yes, for your sons’ renewals you Will have to do everything again: prepare online form, letter, basic form and present everything at the Immigration office 30 days before their cards expire. You pay a reposition fee: 1,277 pesos for 2020, for each card.

    120. Cliff
      April 25, 2020

      Hi, Thank you for all the great information! I am living in Playa and have about 1 year left to go on the Temp Res before I can get the Perm Res.
      I noticed some questions about getting ID to show residence, without getting a drivers license. One in particular was from Jacqueline Sarpong April 1, 2019
      She asked:
      “I would also like information regarding what types of local ID I can obtain to prove that I am a resident here in Quintana Roo. I will hopefully very shortly obtain my temp resident card and I wanted to obtain some type of local ID. I know that a driving license is one but I don’t currently have a car. I would really appreciate your advice on this.
      Thanks so much

      I would like to help and add that there is the option to get a local ID letter in Playa del Carmen (Solidaridad) to show you have residence. It is called “Constancia de Residencia” and you apply for it at the Secretaria General office in Playa del Carmen. It is upstairs at the Government offices in the main plaza Av 20 Norte entre calles 8 y 10 Norte.
      It will take a couple of trips. Will need to get the form to fill out, then come back with photos, form, passport, temp res card, receipt from a utility like CFE. They will tell you when to return to get the Constancia signed by the Secretaria General with your photo attached showing you are a resident of Solidaridad. When you return, they will give you a paper with a code to make the deposit for the cost of the Constancia de Residencia. You can go downstairs to the corner of the building where they have the tellers that will take your forms, your fee and stamp them paid. Then you go back upstairs with your stamped paid receipt to pickup your Constancia de Residencia.
      Have done this a couple times now. Besides using it for local businesses to show you are a resident, I have used it for the proof of residence required for the Health Care system as well.
      Best regards,

      **Here is a link to the form that you will have to fill out. They will tell you how much the fee is when you are there, or you could call them to ask about the fee 984-877-3050 ext 10190

    121. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      April 26, 2020

      Cliff, thank you very much for this helpful information!

    122. Martha Larkin
      June 25, 2020

      Hi. I just got my temporary permanent resident visa stamped into my passport today. I now have 180 days to go to Mexico for the new paperwork, interview, photos, fingerprints, bank payment, etc. I am in Washington, DC so I can pretty much choose any Mexican city to do the process. Just wondering if you have a recommendation of the cities that are most efficient in going through the process.

      Also, are extensions being granted, especially to retired people, because of coronavirus. I’m not even sure I can get down to Mexico in the next 6 months. Is there any ideas afloat to have proxies go through the process for the applicants?

    123. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      June 26, 2020

      Martha, actually the process in Mexico must take place at the Immigration office that is closer to your Mexican address. Regarding your other question, extensions are not being granted for visas issued at Mexican Consulates, you should come within the 180 days or your visa will expire and you will have to apply again.

    124. Yukko
      September 24, 2020

      Hi. I got stuck in Mexico because of the COVID. And luckily I got a job opportunity in Mexico.
      It seems like I need to go to US/other country for doing an interview in the embassy.
      But the US border/Mexico border is closed, any advice for this situation?
      Is that possible to make a one day trip? Or should I stay a week for the progress?
      Million thanks.

    125. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      September 25, 2020

      Yukko, yes, you have to go to a Mexican Embassy; the US border is closed by land, but you can fly. Depending on the Embassy where your interview will take place, they can issue you the visa on the same day or it can take more time. We suggest you contact the Embassy and ask how long it will take so you can plan accordingly.

    126. Peter
      September 29, 2020

      After I obtain a Temporary Resident Visa, it is valid for one entry into Mexico with a maximum visit of up to 4 years. If I travel to Mexico and then leave Mexico during that time and return to Mexico, will I have to go through the whole TR Visa process again?

    127. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      September 30, 2020

      Peter, if you come to Mexico with your 1 entry visa you have to do the “canje” process to get your temporary resident card; this will be good for 1 year and then you can renew it for 3 years. After those 4 years, you can request permanent residency. If the 3 year card expires and you did not request permanent residency, yes, you will have to start the visa process again.

    128. Joy
      November 2, 2020

      Hi, I’m a U.S. citizen, who’s flying into Mexico from Poland. I actually want to re-locate to Mexico permanently, but I’ve received mixed advice. Some people tell me to come as a visitor for 6 months, and then switch, and others tell me I definitely should not come as a visitor…but I’m not sure what to do then. What should I do? I also want to work as a freelance English teacher. I would appreciate any advice that will set me on the path to temporary/permanent residence with/without permission to work (I’ll freelance somewhere else, if need be…my main concern is being allowed to live there as long as I want). Thanks.

    129. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      November 3, 2020

      Joy, if your main goal is to reside in Mexico for as long as you want, you should apply for a resident card and not come in as a tourist; if you enter as a tourist you will need to leave Mexico every 180 days. Also, if you want to work, you won’t be able to do it as a tourist, you need to be a resident.

    130. Krisha
      November 10, 2020

      I’m currently living in Tijuana and moved here with my husband who is an Mexican citizen. However we are separating and we have a 4 yr old who will be staying with me. How would I apply for residency in that case?

    131. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      November 11, 2020

      Krisha, if your 4 year old is Mexican, you can apply for Permanent Residency through him.

    132. sal
      November 14, 2020

      thank you for all the helpful information you provide here,
      i just got my Visa stamped into my passport and plan on going to finish the temporary residency process in mexico,

      – i plan on getting an Airbnb for the duration of the “canje” process
      do i need to provide an address and a proof of residency such as a lease or a utility bill?
      and is it possible to lease and start Utilities without having a temporary residence card?

      – is it possible to renew my temporary card into a permanent at the age of 34 if i show the required proof of economic solvency, or is it absolutely required to be at retirement age?

    133. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      November 17, 2020

      Sal, yes, you will need to provide an address in Mexico for the “canje” process; the utility bill no, unless the Immigration officer requests it, although this is unlikely.

      Yes, you can lease and start utilities without a resident card.

      After 4 years of temporary residency you will get the permanent resident card, regardless of your age or your economic solvency.

    134. Rizwan
      November 19, 2020

      HI. thank you for the help.
      i have a temp residency for one year. we are about to apply for another 2 years. my daughters are aged 4 and 2.5 years. the one who is 4 years old her uk passport has little over one year left before it expires (about 14 months left ). now can we apply for 2 years for her?
      and the younger is only 2.5 years so can she get 2 years as well?

    135. sal
      November 19, 2020

      after my one year temporary card expires is it possible to renew to a permanent card if i meet the economic solvency requirements for permanent residency? and if so is there any other requirements?

      Thank you

    136. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      November 19, 2020

      Rizwan, yes you can apply for their 2 years resident cards.

    137. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      November 19, 2020

      Sal, yes you can, but you will need to translate to Spanish all your bank statements proving your economic solvency.

    138. salah
      November 19, 2020

      how can i proof that i have been living in mexico before renewing from temporary to a permanent? what proof will be acceptable if required? and will a notary be required or something like a signed rent contract will work?

      Thank You.

    139. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      November 20, 2020

      Salah, you won’t have to prove it; just for the fact that you have had the temporary resident card for 4 years it will suffice.

    140. Paula Sievert
      November 21, 2020

      My son has been here on a 180 day tourist visa, which expires the end of January. Is there any way to extend the visa without leaving the country? He is from New York, and going back in the height of the virus is frightening.

    141. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      November 23, 2020

      Paula, there’s no way to extend a tourist visa other than to leave Mexico and return. We’re sorry for the bad news.

    142. November 28, 2020

      I am a retiree iwant apply retirement residenent immigration can you tell me requirement nd proceure to me thankyou ,

    143. Maryanne Wezenbeek
      November 28, 2020

      My husband and I have decided NOT to exchange our temporary residence cards for permanent cards. This due to our age (81 and 72) and the fact that our future trips to Mexico will be amount to maximum 5 months per year. My question is: our temporary cards expire about 3 weeks before we are scheduled to travel back to Canada. Do we need to do anything before we can leave Mexico?? We prefer to avoid having to go to an INM office in the midst of a pandemic. We appreciate your advice.

    144. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      December 1, 2020

      Liao Chin, please send us an email to info@yucatanyes.com so that we can explain you about the process and how we can help you.

    145. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      December 1, 2020

      Maryanne, if you wish to leave Mexico with expired cards you’ll need to pay the corresponding penalties at the airport.

    146. Kimberly
      December 12, 2020

      Hello. Thank you for answering our questions! On the question of ancestry – if my husband and I apply as permanent residents and reside the required two years, does the fact that I have Mexican ancestry speed up citizenship application? Great Great Grandparent born in Mexico, emigrated to US. Everything I read seems to indicate blood relative only goes back one generation. Thanks again.

    147. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      December 15, 2020

      Kimberly, you’re welcome! As you say, blood relative only goes back on generation: just your parents.

    148. Coram
      December 16, 2020

      Hi. We will be applying for permanent residency and I have a few questions:
      – I will be 49 when I apply – is that ok for pensioner visa?
      – I will have the required $$ amount in my 401K investments account (stocks+bonds) – but not in a bank account. Is that good proof of economic solvency?
      – I will maintain my US job until I apply (I do the job on the computer so I could keep the job even after I move to Mexico). Do I need to leave the job since I apply as “pensioner” or can I work while in Mexico for a US employer?
      Thank you!

    149. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      December 17, 2020

      Coram, most Consulates grant permanent residency to pensioners only, they ask for a proof of pension; showing your 401k investment account is accepted to prove economic solvency.

    150. Coram
      December 17, 2020

      Thank you for answering my question!
      To follow up – Does it mean that if I don’t have a pension yet and I’m 49 I cannot get the pensioner visa?
      Assuming I have the necessary amount of $$ in my 401K…
      Thanks again!

    151. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      December 18, 2020

      Coram, you’re welcome! According to the Immigration Law you don’t qualify for permanent residency if you don’t receive a pension. However, some Consulates do grant permanent residency as long as the applicant meets the financial criteria. You could give it a try, the worst that could happen is that you get temporary residency.

    152. LindaMaria
      December 30, 2020

      Thanks so much for this helpful service! Which are the consulates who DO grant permanent residency as long as the applicant meets the financial criteria (even if not of retirement age / not pensioned) of having enough savings? Many thanks and happy 2021!

    153. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      December 30, 2020

      LindaMaria, what we have seen is that depends on the Consular officer reviewing your application, not the entire Consulate, so it is a matter of luck that your application is reviewed by a more flexible officer than other more attached to the Law. Anyway, we have had clients who obtained permanent residency regardless of age retirement at Portland, Las Vegas and Atlanta.

    154. Laurent
      January 18, 2021

      We are currently Temporary Residents and live full time in a motorhome licensed in Canada. We plan on changing our status to Permanent Resident when the time comes (2 ½ years from now) but understand that Permanent Residents cannot drive foreign plated vehicles. This is not a problem for our car since we intend to sell it in Canada & buy another car in Mexico. The problem is that, even though we do not plan on regularly driving our RV in Mexico, we still want to have the capability of traveling abroad and crossing the border to & from the United States. What are our options, please? Your input would be much appreciated.

    155. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      January 19, 2021

      Laurent, do you mean what are your options regarding driving a Mexican vehicle to the US?

    156. Jim Zheng
      February 6, 2021


      I just received my permanent Resident Visa from the consulate in San Diego. We bought some property in San Felipe and plan to go there soon. For the canje process to get my permanent Resident card, can we go to the immigration office in San Felipe, or do we have to go Mexicali when we cross the border there? What documents do we need to bring for the canje process besides the passport and the Visa? For the fees, can we pay with credit card or personal check?

    157. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      February 9, 2021

      Jim, you have to go to the Immigration officer closer to your Mexican address. You will need to bring the online form, letter in Spanish requesting the card, “formato basico”, “aviso de privacidad”, copy of your passport and visa issued in San Diego, original FMM marked for 30 days and the receipt of payment for the card. The fees have to be paid at a bank with cash. If you need assistance with the preparation of the documents, please send us an e-mail to info@yucatanyes.com

    158. Philippe di Pizzo
      March 15, 2021

      Thanks for this clear article. I am a permanent resident, my wife is not. I understand that I cannot bring my Canadian vehicle to Mexico, but my wife can get a 180-day TIP if the vehicle is registered under her name. Am I allowed to drive it legally in Mexico?

    159. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      March 16, 2021

      Philippe, you’re welcome! Yes, if your wife imports it with a 180-day TIP you can drive it legally as her husband, while the TIP is valid.

    160. Mel
      May 9, 2021

      Thank you for so much helpful information! I’m in the process of getting my perm resident card “por tiempo” and i forgot to ask which particular bank I have to make the payments at.
      Is there a specific bank that INM deals with or just show up with proper forms at the closest one?

    161. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      May 12, 2021

      Mel, you’re welcome!! Happy to help! You can go to any of these banks to make the payment: Banamex, Banorte, HSBC, BBVA.

    162. Martin
      May 28, 2021

      Hi, my wife and I are applying for our temporary residency this year, hopefully around September 2021. We have a 17 yr old son who will be starting his senior year of school in the fall, and will be 18 in January 2022.
      We have enough money on paper to qualify for the 2 of us and our son. However, will our son be able to get temporary residency approved seeing as he is going to be 18 in January 2022? What if he is 17 for the initial appointment in the states, but is 18 by the the time we are in Mexico to start canje?
      If not, could we have him apply as a student for temporary residency if he is enrolled in school in Mexico for his last year of high school?

    163. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      May 29, 2021

      Martin, you should request his temporary residency before he turns 18 and do the canje before he turns 18. If you cannot do this, you can request temporary residency for him as a student as long as he enrolls in college, for high school it does not apply.

    164. coram
      February 21, 2022

      Hi – I want to ask when the requirements at the consulate are to bring “Original and copy of statements as proof of investments” – what means original? We can definitely print monthly statements from our online savings account and our 401K accounts but we cannot understand what the “original statements” are.
      Somebody online said to get a “verification of funds” letter from the financial firms that have our accounts but we called 3 of them and all they can give us is a letter to confirm we opened the account and it has the balance as of the day we request it. It does not have monthly balances for 12 months!
      How do people deal with this and do they get rejected often because of it? I asked the consulate by email and no response. Thank you!

    165. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      February 23, 2022

      Coram, some Consulates do accept printed copies of statements, some others don’t and if you don’t have the originals you could ask your bank to provide a letter confirming the statements are true and valid and belong to an account in your name or have them stamp or sign the statements. It’ll definitely be better if you could get a response from the Consulate where you wish to apply at.

    166. Michael
      August 14, 2022

      I received my temporary resident card in Ensenada, BC last year valid for one year. I am coming up on renewal and wanted to renew at the Playa Del Carmen office as I am planning on moving there. I am currently in the US for work at the moment.

      My question is: is the Playa Del Carmen INM renewal procedure same day? Being that I am currently in the US I cannot stay in Playa for more than a week so hoping I could receive my card by Friday if I renew on Monday. Has anyone renewed recently in this office and had a quick turnaround?

      Additionally, do you know if this office wants to see proof of residency? Ensenada I know does not as for it. Thanks!

    167. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      August 15, 2022

      Michael, if you want to apply at a different Immigration office you need to do a notification of change of address first. Once you’ve done it, you can submit the extension papers in Playa del Carmen. As far as we know, Playa del Carmen does not provide cards on the same day and you need to make an appointment as well.

    168. Jacqueline
      November 6, 2022

      Thank you as always for the excellent material that you provide and all your hard work! I am about to apply for permanent residency and I wanted to know if I could print out the formato basico and fill it in using a pen as the new format doesn’t allow you to fill out online like the older one did. Thanks so much for your help.

    169. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      November 14, 2022

      Jacqueline, thank you for your kind words! Yes, you can fill out the formato basico using a pen.

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