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    New Immigration Tariffs for 2012

    The cost for applying, renewing and changing Immigration characteristics in Mexico has changed this year as of January 2nd 2012. The following is the list of the new tariffs:

    • Reception, evaluation and study of applicant´s request to obtain immigration form: This is a onetime payment of $550 pesos that applies when you change your FMM to a Non-Immigrant card (FM3), either for lucrative or for non-lucrative purposes.
    • Non-Immigrant (FM3) for non-lucrative purposes (rentista): $1,451 pesos
    • Non-Immigrant (FM3) for lucrative purposes : $2,356 pesos
    • Non- Immigrant (FM3) renewal for non lucrative purposes (rentista): $1,451 pesos
    • Non-Immigrant (FM3) renewal for lucrative purposes: $2,356 pesos
    • Filing in the National Foreign Registry: This is a onetime payment of $750 pesos that applies when you request an Immigrant card (FM2) for the first time, either for lucrative or for non-lucrative purposes.
    • Immigrant (FM2) for lucrative or non-lucrative purposes: $3,139 pesos
    • Immigrant (FM2) renewal for lucrative or non-lucrative purposes: $3,140 pesos
    • Replacement of Immigrant card (FM2): $942 pesos to replace a lost card
    • Permission to fly out of the country: If your Non-Immigrant or Immigrant applications are in process and you need to fly out of the country, you can apply for an exit permit that costs $322 pesos.
    • Study to change to Immigrated status: If you want to apply for the Immigrated status, you must first pay $1,000 pesos for a study to be made by the Immigration office regarding your application.
    • Immigrated: After you spend 5 years as an Immigrant you can apply for the Immigrated status for a cost of $3,828 pesos.
    • Replacement of Immigrated card: $1,413 pesos for a replacement card.
    • Change of activity status: If you have a Non-Immigrant or Immigrant card with a specific activity, in order to change the activity, you must pay a fee of $2,289 pesos.


    For much more detailed information about the different types of immigrant and non-immigrant status visas in Mexico, please read our in-depth Expatriate Guide to Immigration which can be purchased and downloaded from our website here.

    As always, the project managers at Yucatan Expatriate Services are available to help you with the paperwork and process of obtaining your visa. Give the office a call for information or to set up an appointment.

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    1. February 14, 2012

      Hello, I am not sure if this is the place to questions or not. I took all required documents down to the local INM and they were accepted. I asked for the form to pay the fee at the bank but the said we will email you. it has been 8 working days and nothing. Any advice?
      Thanks in advance Kevin

    2. February 15, 2012

      Kevin, it sounds strange to us that they said they will e-mail you the form to pay at the bank. Tipically they hand it over to you right there at INM or ask you to go online in the website and download it. You won´t be receiving it by e-mail; also, since you did not present the receipt of payment the same day as your other documents, you will need to wait until they notify you on the website that you need to go to pay. If you would like that YES helps you, please contact me to adriana@yucatanyes.com

    3. Linde
      April 29, 2012

      Hi! My husband of 7 years is a mexican citizen. Do my children and myself have any special immigration considerations as his family? We plan to move to Merida next year. Thank you!

    4. May 2, 2012

      Linde, you can obtain Mexican citizenship in a shorter period of time if you are married to a Mexican citizen and if your children have a Mexican parent: instead of having to show 5 years with FM2 in order to request the citizenship, you only need to show 2. Also, when applying for the FM2 you three can do it as “Familiar of a Mexican” by showing your marriage and birth certificates of your children with the apostille and translated into Spanish.

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