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    Getting Started


    YES, the fortunate acronym for our company, Yucatan Expatriate Services, symbolizes the positive experience that expatriates continue to enjoy when moving to Merida and the Yucatan. YES is a group of local professionals dedicated to serving the growing number of Americans, Canadians, Europeans and others who are working, investing or retiring in our part of Mexico.

    If you represent a foreign corporation, or if you are self-employed, if you are researching investment opportunities, or if you are planning your retirement, we have at your service all of our professional, personal and cultural resources to help you “do it right the first time”.  Under one roof, you’ll find an educated, experienced and multilingual staff ready to eliminate cultural barriers and minimize time spent overcoming bureaucratic obstacles, ready to help you get things done.

    Customized Service

    Here at YES, we pride ourselves on our broad knowledge of Yucatan’s business and personal resources. We will help you learn every available option so you can make appropriate choices that further your goals. We don’t steer our clients to the same resources out of convenience or self interest. We don’t sell packaged solutions. Our intention is to empower you with whatever you need to make informed choices, and then assist you in executing your plans and dreams.

    Having worked with many kinds of expatriates, we know they have different objectives, lifestyles and methods. That’s why the information on our website is organized into four distinct categories: Corporate, Professional, Do- It-Yourself and Resident. We hope this approach makes it easier to locate the information you need.

    We Provide the Map

    When you travel to an unfamiliar destination, it’s helpful to have a map of the local attractions. When you expatriate to or invest in a new country like Mexico, and especially Yucatan, it’s even more important to have a map of the legal, financial, social and cultural landscape. YES provides the map, offering any guidance you may need to avoid the pitfalls, obstacles and missteps that foreigners in a strange land frequently encounter.

    Remote ControlGetting-Started-Adriana

    Still living abroad but pursuing something new in Yucatan? No problem… we’re here to help. If you are renovating a home, or starting a business or need your immigration status upgraded or your bills paid, we’re your remote control. Many of our clients do not reside in Yucatan full-time, but we routinely execute the duties they need to perform on their behalf.

    Your Yucatan Social Network

    Yucatan participates in one of the oldest cultures of the world: the Yucatecan culture and by extension, the Latin culture, where family and extended family histories are the most important ingredient in society, business relations and government access. This means that “what you know” about getting things done in Mexico isn’t nearly as important as “who you know”.  We have been helping local business people in Yucatan for three generations. We are established in this area and have an outstanding reputation. If there is somebody you need to meet to achieve your ambitions, we can provide an introduction.

    Services We Provide

    • Getting Started
      • Pre-move planning
      • Welcome package and services
      • Immigration and visas
      • Real Estate scouting (find a broker or find a property)
      • Fideicomiso (trust) set-up
      • Corporation set-up
      • Legal representation
      • Resources introduction (lawyer, accountant, architect, agents, etc)
      • Interpreters and translation
      • Insurance
      • First experience “tour” (take you to the doctor, to pay your bills, to the bank, ONE TIME to explain to you how it’s done here)
      • Concierge assistance
      • Temporary office facilities
      • Cultural Adjustment advice
      • Guides
    • Corporate Services
      • Corporation set-up
      • Legal representation
      • Company mailing address and mail service
      • Project management
      • Staff Recruitment
      • Public Relationships
      • Transfer Pricing
      • Customs
      • Internal control inspections
      • Due Diligence
      • Checkbook management
      • Basic legal agreements and templates
      • Temporary office facilities
      • Concierge service
      • Guides
    • Professional Services
      • Property Management
      • Vacation rental
      • Back office support
      • Real Estate purchase services
      • Real Estate rental services
      • Real Estate Closing services
      • Working visa permit
      • Employment search
      • Concierge Services
      • Guides
    • Do-It-Yourself
      • Online articles
      • Guides
      • Concierge services
    • Resident Services
      • Legal and Tax advice
      • Employment (find a job or hire)
      • Household services
      • Personal Finance set up
      • Personal Insurance set up
      • Immigration and Naturalization
      • Set-up and payment of Utilities
      • Wills and probate
      • Property management
      • Asset watch (hurricane, fire, etc)
      • Guides


    One Stop Shop

    Whether you are in the Yucatan by yourself, with your family, starting a business or investing in property, we have the services and knowledge available to help you accomplish your goals as efficiently and painlessly as possible. We know the territory and we can provide you with what you need to navigate through it. Call Yucatan Expatriate Services (YES) today, and find out what we can do for you!

    YES! We know what you want and need to know about Yucatan!

    Yucatan Expatriate Services (YES)
    Calle 25 between Calle 28 and Calle 30
    Colonia García Ginerés, Mérida (see map for directions)
    Phone:  +52-999-927-2437
    Skype:  YesYucatan
    Facebook: Click here for the latest news on our Facebook page

    Watch our introductory video here!

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