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    Senior Citizen Membership

    Merida’s City Hall offers a card with additional discounts to the ones INAPAM card offers to the elderly. This membership is named “Mérida Adulto Mayor, ciudadano distinguido” and it is given to every citizen who is over 60 years old and requests it.


    – Being over 60 years old.
    – Copy of the INAPAM card.
    – Live in Merida or its “comisarías”.
    – Fill out the registry form.

    Steps to obtain the membership:

    – Fulfill the requirements
    – Go to the DIF office located in calle 64 number 541 between calle 65 and calle 67, Centro
    – Hand in a copy of the INAPAM card
    – Finally, receive the “Mérida Adulto Mayor” card the same day at no cost


    With the “Merida Adulto Mayor” card you can get extra discounts beside the ones you get with the INAPAM card. This is the list of the companies which offer additional discounts:


    • Los Trompos
    • Taquitos de PM
    • Subway
    • Messinas
    • Café la Habana
    • Sorbetería El Colon
    • La Michoacana
    • Pastelería Santiago


    • Farmacias del Bazar
    • Farmacias Fama
    • Farmacias Mérida


    • Súper Aki
    • Aki gran mayoreo
    • Súper San Francisco de Asís
    • Súper naturista
    • Legumbres y frutas SUEMY

    Optical Stores:

    • Óptica del Mayab
    • Chessal ópticas
    • Óptica Colón
    • Videre, su clínica de ojos

    Beauty Parlors:

    • Magy Estéticas
    • Estética Karina
    • Zalón


    • Huacho Martín
    • Papelería Farah
    • Optinova
    • Manjar blanco
    • Artesanos
    • Novedades Tony
    • Fumira
    • Simon el Rey del Plástico
    • Niplito
    • Almacenes Ánfora
    • Integral Odontológica
    • Tulipanes
    • I.D.E.M. Análisis Clínicos
    • Ultracarnes de México
    • La finca carnes
    • Probapan
    • Papelería Farah
    • Compañía Fernández
    • Almacenes Peraza
    • Daylu Ropa Casual
    • La Antorcha de México
    • Florantia
    • Rehabilita
    • Casa Achach
    • Florería D’Nubia
    • Ferretería y Similares
    • Florería Mérida
    • Luigui dance wear
    • Osito Distribuidor
    • Zapatería La Central
    • Díaz y Solís
    • Laboratorios Clínicos de Mérida

    Click on http://www.merida.gob.mx/dif/pdf/empresas_tarjeta.pdf to obtain the full list of the participating companies and their addresses.

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      March 8, 2019

      Do you have or can you recommend a newsletter or blog about living in Mérida?

    2. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      March 11, 2019

      Paul, you can check http://www.yucatanliving.com

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