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    Senior Citizen Discount Card (INAPAM) (Update March 2014)

    While some people dread the march of advancing years, people in Mexico actually have something to look forward to when they turn sixty years old… the INAPAM Card! Once you become a card-carrying person of the tercera edad (third age), you are entitled to many privileges and discounts. And you don’t have to be a Mexican citizen to get one!

    How To Get Your INAPAM Card

    Here is how to get your INAPAM card in Merida, Yucatan.

    First of all, the main requirement for the INAPAM card is that you must be 60 years old. To prove that you comply with this basic requirement, you must show the appropriate authorities the following documents original and copy:



    • Your passport
    • Permanent Resident Card
      • CFE (electricity) bill
      • JAPAY (water) bill
      • Telmex (telephone) bill
      • Gas bill
      • Predial (property tax receipt)
      • A bank statement with your addressComprobante or proof of address. This can be any of the following, and do NOT have to be in your name. The document just has to show your address:
    • Two color front-facing photos, infant size or infantil (2.5 cm by 3 cm)


    • Your passport
    • Temporary Resident Card
    • Comprobante or proof of address. This can be any of the following, and do NOT have to be in your name. The document just has to show your address:
      • CFE (electricity) bill
      • JAPAY (water) bill
      • Telmex (telephone) bill
      • Gas bill
      • A bank statement with your address
      • Two color front-facing photos, infant size or infantil (2.5 cm by 3 cm)
      • Predial (property tax receipt)
    • Proof of ownership or legal possession of a property in Yucatán:
      • Fideicomiso
      • Comprobante or proof of address in your name
      • Document that proves legal possession, legalized by Notary Public.

      Make one copy of each document. If there is an unforeseen requirement for another copy, you will not be forced to lose your place in the process and leave to get a copy.

      INAPAM Office in Merida

      Bring your original documents and the copies to the INAPAM offices which are located on Calle 61 number 444 between 50 and 52 Centro; one block from “Parque Mejorada”

      INAPAM offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and most certainly they are closed on all national holidays. The phone number is 9 23 96 00 and 9 28 42 54

      When you enter the office, you will have to get at the end of the waiting line. When it is your turn, the officer will request to see your original documents and will keep the copies that you provide him or her. If your documents are complete and valid, the officer will create your card and you will get the card on the same day. If the office is not crowded, the entire process will only take about one hour. The cost of the card is only 5 pesos.

      Benefits of the INAPAM Card

      With your INAPAM card, you can look forward to discounts of 5 to 50% in many places. You can expect to find discounts at hotels, restaurants, drugstores, travel agencies, doctors, medical services, buses and other transportation, furniture stores and much more. According to the INAPAM website, you can even get 15% discount on Aeromexico and 20% discount on Interjet airline tickets.

      Getting your INAPAM card is easy if you speak or understand a little bit of Spanish. But if you would like assistance, Yucatan Expatriate Services is always here to help! Contact us at info@yucatanyes.com.

      For more information (in Spanish), you can visit the INAPAM website: http://www.inapam.gob.mx/en/INAPAM/Yucatan

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    1. March 9, 2012

      Where do I go and what is required to get the digital INAPAM card. Some buses will only accept the digital card.

    2. March 12, 2012

      Barry, buses in Merida are taking only the “Bus Card”, no longer the INAPAM card. To obtain the Bus Card, you should go to the “ex-peni” building (right in front of where you obtain the INAPAM card) and take with you your INAPAM card, original and copy of your birth certificate or your FM3/FM2 and original and copy of a utility bill with your address on it (recent utility bill). Office hours are M-F 8 AM to 1 PM and Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM.

    3. Robert R
      January 29, 2015

      Where is the office in Progreso? Don’t feel the need to travel to Merida!!

    4. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      January 31, 2015

      Robert, the address is: Presidencia municipal, calle 80 x 31 y 33, Progreso, Yuc.; phone number: 01 969 934 32, office hours: Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 2 PM.

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