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    Immigration Offices in Progreso

    Starting October 18th 2010, new INM Immigration Offices at Progreso will be providing services exclusively for the expatriate community living at the Yucatan Gulf Coast (including Progreso, Chicxulub, Chelem and Chuburna, among others).

    The services to be provided at this office are any of those related to immigration documents, including (but not limited to…) applications and renewals of FM3 and FM2 visas, exchanges, changes of domicile or marital status, extension of activities, etc.

    Progreso´s Immigration office is open to the public from 9 AM to 1 PM, the same hours as the office in Merida.

    The Merida office will still accept documents from expatriates living in the coast, but any resulting documents and appointments to pick up visas must be done exclusively at the Progreso office.

    If you live at the coast and you started your procedure in the Merida office before October 18th, then you must finish it there as well.

    Progreso´s Immigration office is located at Calle 80 x 39 # 176 (right next to SMAPAP).

    Phone number: (969) 935-0022

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    1. Valyncia
      November 9, 2010

      This is an enquiry…I will be retiring, soon and I am looking at properties in Mexico.
      I need to know where to get started…I will not be looking for work – so where would I start? I have read through some of the sites but I still have no idea where to start.

    2. November 9, 2010

      Valyncia, are you going to be living in Yucatan? My advice would be that you make an exploratory trip for a couple of weeks, meet with realtors that can show you properties that go according to your budget and have a meeting here with us at YES, we can give you a full explanation of the aspects you must consider before making the final move. Our office is located in Merida and we mostly provide services in the Yucatan Peninsula, that´s why I asked if you had decided to move here, because you only mention “Mexico” in general. If you have specific questions please contact me at adriana@yucatanyes.com

    3. lyn leeper
      January 18, 2011

      yes i am concidreing the yucatan goulf coast
      i wasnt to know if my licences is supended in us can i get one there

    4. January 22, 2011

      Lyn, yes you can get one here, as long as you take and pass the test!

    5. Ali Zainy
      February 4, 2019

      It would be very helpful if someone listed all the days and hours the Mexican Immigration Offices are open. For example is the Immigration office in Merida Yucatan Mexico open on Tuesday February 5th.?

    6. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      February 5, 2019

      Ali, the Immigration offices are open Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM all over Mexico, except when it is a National Holiday. This week, the National Holiday was February 4th, so on that day it did not open.

    7. Cate Hauser
      December 2, 2019

      I live in Merida and my Temporal expires on January 15, 2020. A hard time for me to know when the office will be open for the holidays/Navidad. I want to get the paperwork in to you on the 16th…Lunes. Will the office be open then? You do take people from Merida?

    8. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      December 4, 2019

      Cate, we can meet you on the 16 to start your process, the Immigration offices Will close on the 19 or 20. Please send us an e-mail to info@yucatanyes.com for more information.

    9. camelia scott
      November 20, 2022

      quisiéramos mi esposo y yo hacer el canje para residencia temporal (ya pre-aprobada en el consulado de Austin Texas). Estamos pensando ir el 2 de Enero para presentar los documentos en persona. Están sus oficinas abiertas para esa fecha?
      Cuáles son las horas para esta fecha (Enero 2) para recibir los documentos para el canje de residencia temporal?

    10. Yucatan Expatriate Services
      November 30, 2022

      Camelia, por favor, envíenos correo a info@yucatanyes.com

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